Fall Preview!

We are officially kicking off our Fall wedding season this weekend and could not be more excited. Fall weddings are some of my absolute favorite. The colors are rich and warm with loads of texture. The florals are full of interesting shapes and designs. And the catering sometimes ends with smores...who can beat that! Below is a sneak peak of one of our Fall weddings we are planning. We can't wait to show you the after pictures! In the mean time, enjoy a preview mood board! 



Welcoming our newest team member!

So you might have noticed that we have been a little MIA since our big brand launch. That's because it was my last BIG project before welcoming our son into the world! Axel Isaiah was born June 13th at 12:11, coming in a 7 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long. We had a wedding on June 11th, broke down on the 12th and I went into labor that night, he's was a team player from the start! These last two months as a new Mother have been amazing and I am soooo thankful to all my sweet clients for allowing me to take some time and be with my family. I am back into full planning and design mode now and while it's a little different juggling a business and a baby it's the best kind of busy! Here a couple snaps of our new little one. We couldn't be more in love! 

         XOXO, Hannah 


I wanted to share one of my most favorite parts of our new site...the free download section! There are multiple downloads for your desktop, ipad, and mobile and they are pretty lovely. They are full of fun marriage quotes, my favorite quotes on love from movies, and much more. Check them out, they are sure to brighten any old boring background! 

Wedding isn’t just a party, it’s the start of a marriage...

Plan Logo

O my goodness gracious I am excited to be writing this post! You are reading this on our brand new, fully rebranded website! Ekkk how exciting is that.

This rebrand has been such a growing experience for me. Last year I really felt the need to dive head first into really setting a polished look for PLAN. In the beginning of starting my business, I did most of it myself. The website, finding a logo, all the paper goods, etc. I loved it but I never really felt like I had the look and feeling of PLAN. I wanted something that reflected the core values of my business and why I was doing what I was doing. I wanted something that wasn’t just about the party, but about the experience.

Enter Creme Brands! I reached out to Kathryn and we set out on this project. To say Kathryn is talented at what she does would be a huge understatement. She is truly inspiring and I have left this experience feeling so refreshed and excited about what the future holds for PLAN, and that’s at 9 months pregnant, so that’s saying something!

I truly feel like the best part of this experience was diving into my “why”. Why am I doing what I am doing? That’s a heavy question when you really sit down and think about it. Sure, the flowers and dresses are lovely and I love a good party, but it’s so much more than that. After working through lots of homework I arrived at our mission statement and the statement you see all over the site...Our mission is to create a place where couples find a business that cares for their needs, is creative, and is excited about their new lives together because, a wedding isn’t just a party it’s the start of a marriage. O that last line! It speaks so true to my heart. A wedding isn’t just a party...it’s the start of marriage. Your wedding day should be the jumping off point into your lives together. It should be joyous and feel like you. It shouldn’t be stressful or a point of tension. I truly feel like we are creating a space where couples can express themselves and we can guide them through the planning process so the start of their marriage can be filled with happiness and joy...and that’s so much more beautiful than any flower could be.

So I hope you love our new brand as much as we do! Thank you for taking the time to read this very long post...this business truly is my heart and I hope it shows! Now, on to the next thing...like having a baby in a month!

  XOXO, Hannah