Chic Baby Showers for the Modern Mom

While we have no little ones running around here at PLAN (Besides Pip and Nora but I don't think they quite count as offspring) we have been blessed to the hilt with new bebe's from our dearest friends. Some are brand new and still so tiny and precious. Some are growing to fast, we're looking at you Miss Janie. And some are still waiting to make their debut. As party planners we truly feel that every occasion calls for centerpieces and cake but a baby shower is especially special. Not only are you celebrating a new life entering the world but your also celebrating the woman who is making that life happen. We love when a shower really reflects that woman, what she loves and the sense of style she has. We have come up with a few guidleines to plan the perfect shower for the new modern Mom! 1. Think about her taste first and foremost! Does she love reading? Art? Crafting? Try to plan a shower that is reflective of her favorite things rather than just pink or blue, she will be thankful.

2. Plan a menu that refelcts what the Mama-to-be loves. I planned a shower for one of my dear friends and we had a cookies and milk bar. In a word, it was awesome. She was thrilled and that excitement transfered to the rest of the party.

3. Find ways to get the guest invloved, if everyone is having fun the guest of honor will enjoy herself that much more. Give your guest something to do. If your party is spa themed, set up and DIY body scrub station with suagars, some coconut oil, and yummy smelling essential oils. At a lovely shower we planned we had a make your own oneis station with supplies to decorate a oneis for the new little one. It was a huge hit and all the guest had a great time designing and decorating.

Good luck and happy planning!