Pretty Paper

It's no secret around my house that I adore paper/stationary. It might be my constant list making or my secret love of sketching wedding gowns that keeps some sort of notepad within arms reach in all corners of our home. (On a side note, I recently went through my college notebooks and found the notebooks rather full of drawings of table arrangements and wedding gowns rather than notes...I must have picked the right field) And the notepads can't just be a regular old notepad, they have to have a purpose and be pretty, form over function, see I wasn't just pretending to be Vera Wang in class, I did learn something. I have a notepad for our menu that week, a notepad for grocery list, one for business to do's and so on and so forth. Each and everyone designed by your truly. So that long ramble brings me to the excitement of all the new designs I have been working on for clients. We have a really soft and dreamy invite for a June wedding. A bold sunshine yellow and cloudy grey for a July wedding. And a graphic pinky coral mixed with light dove grey and marigold yellow for a dear friend's wedding. I just love figuring out how to set the tone for the event with that first bit of stationary. It really is the first impression your guest will get of your event. So if's it's a notepad or your wedding stationery I hope you have some pretty paper in your life. And just for your viewing pleasure here are some of my favorite bits of stationary.,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_136838_color=670&dwvar_136838_size=UNS&cgid=ks-home-stationery-cards#start=1&cgid=ks-home-stationery-cards