Spring Wedding Trends

Finnalllyyy.... After the longest winter, I think spring might finally be here. We are seeing little signs here and there and could not be more excited. Spring for me means wedding season is right around the corner. And after a long winter of planning it's exciting to see things starting to come together. We are seeing some lovely treads this year and thought we would share a couple!

Wood: Chargers, planters, cupcake stands! Wood is pretty in right now. And it's easy to see why. It photographs great, add a loads of texture to your event, and mixes a masculine note that can be much needed. We are using wood notes in lots of our events this year and cant's wait to see how it all comes together.

Natural Florals: We are loving the use of more "undone" florals. Herbs, wild flowers, and garden roses are all making appearances at our upcoming events. These florals really create such a nice and easy feeling and are visually stunning.

Soft Colors: We have touched on this before but soft and easy colors are still playing a huge roles in our spring and early summer weddings. Creams, blush tones, mint, lilac, and peach are all making their way into our early year events. We love a soft and tonal color pallet and can't wait to see how they play off of the outdoor venues each one of our brides have selected!

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