It's beginning to look a lot like....engagements.

It's a little more rainy than white here but the holiday season is most definitely in full swing! This is one of my most favorite times of year. I love spending times with our dear family and friends and getting to celebrate the past year. One thing I also love about this time of year is there seems to be a influx of sparkly things that begin to show up on a certain special finger. My instagram account begins to flood with happy faces proudly showing off their new engagement ring and each and every one of those brides have that sparkle in their eye. So in lieu of all these impending engagements we thought we would put together a little guide for you to share with all your newly engaged friends! So here are 5 hard and fast rules we like to recommend: 1. Tell your friends and family! Easily the funnest part of being engaged is sharing the news. Figure out a fun way to share your joy with all those you hold dear.

2. Get the ring insured. You would never want to think of anything ever happening to your engagement ring, but unfortunately sometimes things happen. Getting it insured is easy and will be a relief in the future if something does happen.

3. Hit up a bridal show. It's a right of passage. Even if they aren't your thing it's fun to go and see what everyone has to offer!

4. Pick a date, but be flexible! Start to discuss when you would like to get married. We always recommend picking 2 to 3 dates just in case your dream venue, photographer, planner is booked on your date.

5. Hire a planner. I truly believe it makes the whole process funner. It lets you be a bride and not worry about all those tiny details like how much power does the band need and the size of linen you need for a 8 foot table.

XOXO, Hannah